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Cartrophen Vet. Is it safe?

 Since I wrote this article I’ve received many comments about animals becoming very ill, and some dying shortly after an injection of Cartrophen Vet.  Please check the comments for personal experiences with this drug, and please do the research on this drug first.  There are links provided at the end of the article.

I have years of experience helping sick animals, especially those with cancer.  I’ve learned the best question to ask is what are we putting into our companion animals bodies that is contributing to them being diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses at staggering rates, and why isn’t that being addressed as part of treatment.   When I got asked about Cartrophen Vet for treatment of arthritis, I went hunting for everything positive and negative about the product.  What I found was alarming.

Cartrophen Vet is prescribed for patients with osteoarthritis and other joint problems.  What scares me the most about this medication is that it causes unspecific tissue growth.  What does that means to a dog or cat with an undiagnosed mass,  if it’s malignant it can accelerates cancer!  What’s even scarier, veterinarians refuse to associate Cartrophen vet with the many deaths and illness that have been reported within days or even hours after an injection.  Which makes the data from trials and lists of documented side effects on this drug far from accurate.    The risks associated with an animal being given cartrophen vet are seldom explained, vets have admitted not giving specific details in fear of “scaring the patients.”

I don’t believe medication for an animal or person is ever a good idea without first looking at possible lifestyle habits that may  be contributing to the illness.  By just taking medication you are lying to your body that you are well, when in fact your body never got the chance to heal because you haven’t addressed the problem causing the disease.  I don’t say that lightly or without understanding how challenging it is sometimes to find solutions.  Over the years I have had 6 dogs diagnosed with life threatening diseases,  all of them died to young,  and before I started questioning the options given by veterinarians,  the treatment for some of them ended up being worse than the disease.

I have heard of more long-term success with controlling arthritis in dogs and cats with diet changes.  It seems the safer route rather than just creating more difficulties for an animal from drug induced side effects.   When a veterinarian prescribes a treatment many want to believe what their vet tells them, and does so blindly never asking the right questions.  We do need to start to ask more questions,  because many of our dogs don’t live past the age of 7, and there are simple reasons for that.  What quality of food you are feeding your dog,  even from expensive brand names may not be what you think.  Most consumers are not aware that pet food is a convenient way for slaughter houses to turn waste products into profit.

So I asked myself,  did I want this person whose dog is a rottweiler,  a breed commonly diagnosed with cancer,  and considering she is older,  around 6,  take this risk.  Because we often don’t know what is happening in our companions animals bodies,  medication like Cartophen is like playing Russian Roulette.  (Cartrophen vet is contradicted for animals with blood clotting,  thrombocytopenia, traumatic hemorrhage, cancer or infection.  Please be aware of this because vets have prescribed this drug to dogs knowing they have cancer despite this warning.  The last person that contacted me in such a case lost her dog very soon after the initial injection.  In return for her grief  the veterinarian refused to link the dogs death with the drug.)

So what feedback I gave after my research was  if she was my dog,  Cartrophen would not be considered, ever!.   It may take the pain away but it’s no more than a band-aid, which if left on to long leaves an awful mess behind.  I gave him recommendations for the dog’s diet and some natural products to help the girl with any discomfort.  There are so many safe ways to help an animal with arthritis that we need to try first,  so we can enjoy their company without shorting their lives.  The dog is now on a non-grain diet,  within a week she showed improvement,  she no longer needs medication because we eliminated the cause.  My own dog suffered from arthritis.  I was told he would have no mobility in his back legs within a year.  My first step, and the only one in his case that was needed was taking him off grain.  He not only thinks he is a puppy again but the chronic ear infections that we continually battled,  disappeared.  His hair is turning silver,  showing a bit of his old age,  but aging doesn’t mean  he can’t be a healthy and happy dog.  Changing dog food alone may not be the answer for all animals,  but something we need to defiantly look at first.

The best way I can put this in perspective is in a quote borrowed from Paws to Heal. ‘If you don’t look, you won’t see’.  It is time we took off those blinders.

Reference: I’ve tried to provide as much as I can to help you, help your animal.  I have not included recommendations for natural remedies for arthritis.  I believe each animal is different and your best bet is to consult a trusted veterinarian homeopath.

Curing Cancer

As for research studies, the manufacture say that cartrophen vet is safe and side effects are low. The problem is the manufactures or associates usually are the ones who run the research studies, not an unbiased party. It is difficult to find studies that are conducted with companies unrelated to the manufacture, or pharmaceuticals.  As well, vets often refuse to associated any reported illnesses after  an injection of cartrophen Vet.

This is a data sheet, it states cartrophen vet is contradicted to give this product to dogs with cancer.

Chemical make up of Cartrophen Vet.  This is where we get the accurate information of this drug.  Pentosan Polysulfate/ Elmiron 100mg.  I’m putting together more information on the drug Elmiron. The links below give some detail.

What’s in dog food:

In 2013 all doctors will  have no choice but to disclose kickbacks, bonuses, incentives they get from pharmaceutical companies.